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Connections between the Parish of Dedham, Essex U.K and the U.S.A.

Many residents of Dedham and surrounding villages emigrated to the emerging United States of America, many settling in Massachusetts.   Settled in 1635 by people from Roxbury and Watertown, Dedham was incorporated in 1636.  It became the county seat of Norfolk County when the county formed on March 26, 1793.   When the Town was originally incorporated, the residents wanted to name it Contentment.  The Massachusetts General Court overruled them and named the town after Dedham, Essex in England, where some of the original inhabitants were born.

The town council of Dedham, Massachusetts have recently updated their town website, click on the links below to access their main site as well as their history page.

From that time the links between Dedham, Essex, and descendants of early settlers in the U.S.A. have remained strong.  There are a number of celebrations of these ties between our nations in the Parish Church of St Mary.

  • There are many descendants of Edmund Sherman in the United States - The Sherman Glass.
  • Shields in the Nave Roof mark the connections between Dedham, Essex and Dedham, Massachusetts.
  • One of the Nave Pews is dedicated to the people of Dedham, Mass.
  • Medallions inlaid into the front pew on the north side of the Nave commemorates Man's first landing on the Moon on 20 July 1969. The quotation is from Psalm 8.
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  •  In the Vicar's Vestry hangs a Sealed Resolution from the Town of Dedham, Massachusetts which reads:

The United States of America
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Town of Dedham

Be it here known to all that:
The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Dedham hereby offers their solicitations and best wishes to:

Officials of Dedham, England

in recognition of the Brotherhood which has always existed between our two surnamed towns, and the Friendship of it's mutual residents, and we express the Hope for future Good Fortune and continued Friendship between this Generation and Generations to come, in a Peaceful World.

Given this Sixth Day of August, in the Year of Our Lord, One Thousand, Nine Hundred and Seventy-Three.


George A. Coles
Helen M. Carney
Francis W. O'Brian
Gerard J. Mazzola
Marilyn Morris

Board of Selectmen
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