COVID Advice 


Follow 5 basic steps:



Stay at home if you feel unwell or have symptoms, until you are given medical clearance to stop isolating.  Coronavirus symptoms include a continuous cough, high temperature, and the loss of your sense of smell or taste. If you have the symptoms of the Coronavirus, the NHS number to call is 111.


Wearing a face mask is now compulsory in churches to help lower the risk of infection for other people. Children under 11 are exempt and those who cannot wear face masks because of a disability. We have free disposal face masks at the main door of the church – you are welcome to help yourself.


Regularly santise or wash your hands and those of your children for at least 20 seconds. Hand santiser will be located by the doors of the building. The toilets are open for us. Posters in the toilets demonstrate a good hand washing technique.


Please keep 2 meters between households.  This can be reduced to 1 metre  provided that extra measures are taken such as wearing a face mask or sitting side-by-side. Please enter the church through the main door and follow the one-way system.  In seating, please sit with 2 metres between you and the next household or social bubble.  Sadly, we’ll have to refrain from shaking hands or other physical signs of affection!


Ensure that you cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough. Then dispose of the tissue and wash or sanitise your hands promptly. Avoid touching your face. Tissues are located by the front door of church and there are bins around the building.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Yes. We must now wear a face mask in church services to lower the risk of infection for other people (Children under 11 are exempt, those who cannot wear face masks because of a disability and those leading a service).  We have free disposal face masks at the door – you are welcome to help yourself. Please take your face masks home and reuse them if possible.

Can children come to church?

Yes. Children are most welcome. 

 What will I need to bring?

You may wish to bring toys for your young children.  If you need fluids, please bring a bottle of drink (please don’t eat food in the building). Remember your own Bible if you want to follow the passage or are doing a reading – we use the NIV translation.  We will provide hand sanitiser and face masks, but you may wish to bring your own.

Will there be singing inside church?

There will be no congregational singing during the service. This is to reduce the risk of droplet infection.  However, there will be live and pre-recorded music, which we will listen to during our services.

Will there be Holy Communion?

Yes - We will share bread but not wine.

Will the toilets be open?

Yes, the toilets will be open.  Please close the toilet when flushing to stop airborne droplets. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with the provided soap. You will not be required to do special cleaning of the toilet after use.

Will we be serving refreshments?

No. We will not be serving refreshments after the service as usual.  If you or your children are likely to require a drink, we would suggest bring a bottle of water or juice.  Please do not bring food to consume in the building.

Will a record of visitors be kept for track and trace?

Yes. Names and contact details will be recorded with people’s permission. This would only be given to the government’s track and trace scheme if someone attending church became ill. Records will be stored according to our privacy policy and will be destroyed after 21 days.  If you are a regular member and wish to opt out, please tell us. Visitors will be invited to leave their name and contact details but they may wish to decline.  We also display a QR code for the new NHS covid app for people to scan. It is not compulsory.

What if I don’t want to appear in the live streaming?

We will be live streaming our services at Dedham, if you would prefer not to appear in the live stream please sit in the north or south aisle.


Deb Turner, 15/12/2020